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Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah 1433

Written by Rano Iskandar on 28 November 2011.

RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website and you might win a ticket to the same destination when you book from 26th to 30th November

Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) has teamed up with Amadeus Altea Customer Management Solution to launch its new online booking system, with the aim to increase efficiency in handling customers.

The Altea suite will provide Royal Brunei Airlines with a "next generation technology", to allow the airline to remain competitive, both regionally and globally, and will equip the airline with the tools needed to improve business efficiency and performance, including reducing waiting time at airports and improving customer service.

John Chapman, vice president of the Airline Group from Amadeus Asia-Pacific said that liability and security is of "major importance" to the company. He gave a presentation of an "airport of the future", which showed how smoothly an airport should be run with the increasing number of travellers and crowds. "Airports are becoming increasingly crowded and there are more travellers everyday," he said, adding that airlines movement can increase their efficiency and security while decreasing their costs. For more updates, please click here from Debbie Too of The Brunei Times.

One of the Royal Skies member receiving a token of appreciation from Dermot Nannion, Deputy Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines. Image courtesy of Jan Shim.

As part of Royal Brunei Airlines appreciation to their top Royal Skies members, they were rewarded with a 16GB 3G iPad2 with their names laser engraved *wuuhuu*. Image courtesy of Jan Shim.

The top Royal Skies Members with Dermot Nannion. Image courtesy of Jan Shim.

Storm Troopers with Ahim Rani and Jan Shim. Image courtesy of Jan Shim.

This was a funny moment during the launching of the service. I just realised how strong the presence of iPads in Brunei compared to other tablets. Even Pehin Abdullah mentioned the word "iPad" as a generic word for tablets and not mentioning other brands.

Football League is back on!!

DST-National Football League 2011/2012 will kicks off on the 3rd December 2011, Saturday, at the Berakas Sports Complex, 8.00 pm. DST Group of Companies is very supportive in sponsoring the leagues for season 2011/2012.

There will be 32 teams competing in group stages. The teams are divided into 4 groups namely Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. Each group will consist of 8 teams. The teams will play in a one round robin competition in each group.

The Champion and Runner-Up in each group will automatically promoted into the DST-National Super League with another 2 teams will be selected from the best 3rd placing in the groups. The DST-National Super League will consist of 10 teams. The teams in the DST-National Super League will continue to compete for the National Super League Trophy for the inaugural league competition.

The rest of the teams will be in the group of National League 1, National League 2 and National League 3. So for season 2012-2013 there will be National Super League, National League 1, National League 2 and National League 3. The venues of the leagues will be Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, Berakas Sports Complex, Balapan and Padang Field. Other venues will also be used once approval is obtained.

Every team must enlist at least 1 player who is 23 years old and under in their starting lineā€“up. The aim is for the selection process of potential players to undergo national football training and be selected to represent Brunei Darussalam in age-level football competitions organized by AFF, AFC and FIFA. The leagues are also to indentify and select players to be in the Brunei National Football Team.

Apart from the DST-National Football League and DST-National Super League, the DST-FA Cup will also be organized and the format will be a sudden death competition. There will be at least 64 teams competing in the FA Cup competition. NFABD also wish to express its gratitude and appreciation to DST as the Title Sponsor, the Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports, Radio Television Brunei, local news agencies etc.

There will be cash prizes for the champions, trophies, medals, Fair Play award, Best Player award, Top Scorer and Best Goalkeeper award.

So, we all invite all football supporters and lovers to come and cheer their teams and hope the teams will show great sportsmanship, high level of skills, teamwork and motivation. Text courtesy of NFABD

Mochi: New Frozen Yoghurt in Town

Mochi is a local brand and not a franchise. It's now officially open to the public and it's located on the ground floor of The Airport Mall. Lately there have been a lot of frozen yoghurt business popping here and there. It's the in-thing now

Mochi is having a special opening discount until the end of December 2011. This is a good introductory price promotion to encourage shoppers to try out Mochi

Vanny and Carol are big fans of Frozen Yoghurt. Surprisingly I'm not a fan of yoghurt *lol*

You should try out the flavour of Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt and don't forget the choices of toppings especially their home-made mochi

The other flavour is the original one and the pearl look-alike are pretty tasty too. They compliment well with the frozen yoghurt.

There's a sitting area for customers too.

They had quite a strong crowd during the 1st day of the opening last Saturday. You can find them on facebook by simply searching "Mochi" and do Like their page :))

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